CONCEPT:  Sculptural in its form, utilitarian in its function – this cocktail table was designed to be the focal point of a room.  I approached this project with the intent of designing the form around the stored objects – blankets and throw pillows.  I wanted to develop a designated storage area for these items because there isn’t much consideration in existing designs.  I chose to create two deep drawers at either end of the table that is pulled out horizontally.     

Inspired by the sculptural and architectural quality of lighting fixtures – I concentrated on repetitious geometry to conceal the “hidden” storage component.  The use of geometric slats on the façade creates interest and adds a sense of movement to the solid rectilinear form – there is an abstract quality to this piece.

The intended market of this piece is to appeal to a younger group of individuals that are looking for more cutting edge and one off pieces.  I contrasted the materials and colors of the piece by using polished brass finish and semi matte – jewel tone – paint color.  Polished brass metal sheets are applied to the drawer sides as an accent to the dark paint color.  

MEDIUM:  AutoCAD; Rhino; Keyshot.