CONCEPT:  Inspired by an anchor bolt - this simple formed object has a main purpose of locking together a screw into the concrete, to reinforce stabilization and support for the structure or object.  With a hollow and threaded interior, slits and larger wrapping threads are located one third on the exterior.  A screw is placed in the core and when fastened, it is embedded into the concrete and the slits expand to provide the sufficient amount of structural support.  An anti rusting agent is coated on the bolt to allow for little rusting and the multiple sharp ends on one end of the bolt, allows for an easier use when inserted into the ground.  This particular kind of bolt can be found in many variations and forms, but imposes the standard linear, vertical, slim and compact design.  

Strength, function and intent are key features that are utilized for the promotion of historic and illustrious architectural drawings.  Simplicity and delicate details are subtle and calm, to allow the visitor to focus more so on the details and intricate design plans.  With a more minimalistic approach, less distraction creates a learning atmosphere that fosters a deeper appreciation and comprehension for local architecture and design.